2016 A Year In Review

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  1. Looking back at my 2016 resolutions, I feel like I accomplished most of what I set out to do.  I made my international vacation.  With two of my cousins, we jet set off to Ireland.  Then I continued on the vacation with one of my cousins to Scotland.  Vacation accomplished!
  2. My second resolution was to play a tennis tournament.  I’m sad to say, I did not accomplish this.  However, I was in four, yes, you heard me right four tennis leagues.  Maybe I should have made it my real goal to play more tennis.  I most definitely accomplished that.  I even started up the women’s tennis league in York, NE again.  I’m putting a check mark of “accomplished” by this one.
  3. A garden did happen, albeit a small one, but a garden nonetheless.  Check.
  4. Anther one of my goals – one of my harder goals – was to write a blog post every week.  Now, I didn’t quite accomplish this goal, but I came pretty close.  I did my best to make up the weeks I couldn’t make and I published 3 blogs in one week.  I still managed to get a blog a week on average, I’m still happy with this and am going to say goal accomplished…with some improvising!  This year became more stressful for me than I originally though it would be.  My parents sold their business that they’ve owned for about the last twenty years and I’ve worked at for the last five.  With that, I not only attained new bosses, but I also had to move out of my apartment that I had been living at for the last five years.  Which, in turn, caused me to started looking at houses and then  I became a first time home owner!
  5. Staying healthy.  I think I did pretty well for myself.  I exercised most days and ate healthy…most of the time.  And I didn’t get ill, well, besides a couple minor soar throats and finding out that I’m allergic to the cold.  Not joking, being allergic to the cold is a real thing.  Now, anytime it starts to cool down, I break out in hives on my face.  Little red dots that make me look like I’m breaking out, but are itchy.  Not fun!
  6. 20160424_163640I did not end up create a painting for the kitchen, but I did do a project and I’m very happy with the end result.  Plus, it’s much more useful in the kitchen than a painting.  See my DIY Mug Holder post to see what I made for the blank space in the kitchen.
  7. Writing more comments on other blogs was a really good intention for me and it started out well, but I was simply way too busy this year to follow up on this one.  I’m sorry fellow bloggers!  I started 2016 out with the best intentions, I promise!

I think, looking into the new year, my goal is going to be to take it easier this year.  This isn’t going to be easy because I already am presently in a play and am signed up to direct a play in August – October time.  As long as I don’t sign on for any more plays, I should be good.  Also, my spot on the Board of Directors at the Yorkshire Playhouse is also coming due in May, which should free up some of my time.

I want to know, did you accomplish your 2016 resolutions?


2 thoughts on “2016 A Year In Review

  1. Sounds like a pretty busy but good year! I’m totally understand the all of a sudden no time for blogging😢 I’ve been the same way lately. Hopefully can become better above it after this week is done and I’m not quite so tired!

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