Before and After Pictures of the Kitchen

I’ve been a little MIA from the blog recently, as I just purchased a house!!!  It’s a big and terrifying step for me.  Besides my childhood home, I’ve always lived in apartments because there’s substantially less financial risk.  You don’t have to worry about appliances breaking down – well you do, but when you live in an apartment you’re not responsible for replacing those appliances.  If there’s a hail storm, which occurs frequently in Nebraska, I didn’t have to worry about the deductible or finding someone to replace my roof.  And if my basement would have flooded or there was a fire, I’d only have to worry about replacing my own items. Plus, I had renters insurance which is very cheap and easy to afford to cover things like fires and floods.

Anyways, back to the house!  I’m going to have a series of posts of before and after pictures of specific rooms that have had work done to them.  This day’s posts is going to cover the kitchen.

BEFORE – Kitchen

As you can see from the before pictures above, the kitchen was very dated in appearance and needed some simple updates.  To transform the kitchen, I had some help from my parents.  My Mom took down the wallpaper that was coming off at the top, cleaned the cupboards, and spackled some uneven areas.  Meanwhile, my Dad and I painted the kitchen from a beige yellow color to “Modern Gray.”  During the painting process I knew I wanted some kind of backsplash, so I went to Wagner’s Decorating, for some wallpaper backsplash options.  There was quite a few wallpapers to choose from and they looked like they were a decent quality and could withstand the normal wear and tear that comes from being placed in the kitchen.

NOTE: Wallpaper is so much cheaper than real tile back-splashes.  I think I paid about $55 for the tile wallpaper backsplash and sizing and there’s still quite a bit of extra wallpaper left.  (Hint-Hint – If you want it I’ll sell the rest to you for $25.)Kitchen - New


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