Culture Shock in Conneticuit

  1. Traffic is crazy.  I had to keep asking myself if I was in L.A. again.  For Hartford, not nearly as big as L.A., I expected the traffic to be much less than it was.  The speed limit was pretty much nonexistent as long as no cops were around.  I was often doing 80 mph in 55 mph zones and if I hadn’t been driving that fast I would have been a hinderance to other drivers.
  2. Winding roads.  Another thing that made me think I was back in California was the winding roads up and down the mountains.  It was terrifying driving these roads when no one seems to have the concept of a speed limit.  Almost every time my Mom and I were driving on these roads, it seemed like there’d be a collection of five cars stuck behind me and I think I was mostly going the speed limit except during the sharp turns.
  3. Trees.  I suppose this isn’t really culture shock as much as it is landscape shock.  I don’t know what I expected Connecticut to look like, but it certainly wasn’t with heaps of trees and mountainous hills.  I still haven’t decided if it’s hills or mountains.  They don’t look like your stereotypical mountains.Hartford, CT
  4. Age.  Everything here seems older and like there’s a story behind it.  Lots of brick buildings.  Even the amount of trees Connecticut has makes it seem older.
  5. The roads make no sense – at least in Hartford, CT.  I’ve driven in the suburbs of L.A. before and driving in Hartford downtown was more scary to me.

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