Top Things to do in Conneticuit

  1. Go see a show at the Hartford Stage.  IMG_1856Believe it or not the Hartford Stage is a great place to watch some fresh new theater.  During our trip to Hartford we were able to see the world debut of “Anastasia” (the musical) based off of the 1997 animated movie.  It was AMAZING!  It’s officially my new favorite musical – my old favorite was “Phantom of the Opera.”  Even my Mom, who is often unimpressed with shows, loved it and said she would go see it again when it came to Omaha or Lincoln – and she NEVER wants to see shows again.  It also probably didn’t hurt that we were in the second row and we saw the actress playing Anastasia legitimately cry at least three times.  The set was one of the most thought out I’d ever seen.  From the train to the ever changing windows, it’s never a dull set.  Just a warning that the tickets aren’t cheap and order early or prices may go up.  Don’t be deterred by the price, the shows are worth it.
  2. IMG_1852.JPGStay at an AirBNB instead of a hotel.  Not only will the rates be reasonable, but you’ll also probably have super nice hosts that know the area really well.  They might even give you a lift somewhere and cook you breakfast like ours did.
  3. Take a road trip out of town.  Although there is plenty to do in Hartford it’s nice to get out of the city and see what else is out there.  Surprisingly, there was a lot of quaint towns that offered something special, like nice restaurants with reasonably priced food and cute fashionable boutiques.IMG_1858
  4. Mark Twain House.  If you visit only one museum in Hartford, I recommend you do the Mark Twain House & Museum and make sure to sign up for a tour or you’ll IMG_1846miss out on the best part – the house.  The interior detailing of the house is quite impressive for it’s date of birth.  There’s silver stenciling throughout the first floor of the house made to look like pearl inlay and also to make the house look brighter, since they didn’t have electricity in those days.  Another thing to look for is the cat picture in the home’s library.  It’s pretty funny to imagine how that cat got in the costume it’s in and the Twain household was known to make up stories of that cat.
  5. Wadsworth Museum.  Although my favorite collection in this museum was only temporary, I still would recommend hitting this museum.  We saw the “From Goth to Gothic” display and it was awesome.  I love looking at clothing from all different eras.  If there was a museum solely dedicated to clothing, I would go.  Fashion has always been inspirational to me.  Some of the prominent permanent fixtures of this museum include Monet’s Water Lilies, Jackson Pollock’s Number 9, and Salvador Dali’s Apparation of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach.  My other favorite section, besides the temporary exhibit, was the Modern art section – which isn’t thought of normally as one of the museums main drains, but yet it was my favorite section.  I think after you’ve been to the Louve, MET, and Orsay Musuem you feel like you’ve seen them all.

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