New York City Eats

  1. Cheesecake – Of course I could not go to New York without sampling their famous cheesecake, one of my favorite desserts.  To sample some of the finest cheesecake go to Juniors.  Their slices of cheesecake are ginormous so I’d recommend splitting one piece for two (or more) people or you may not be finishing it.
  2. Bagel and Schmear – New York knows how to do a bagel right!  A boiled-and-baked bagel filled with cream cheese.  This is one of the things that should be high on your priority list to dry.  Delish!

    Bagel and Schmear and Egg Cream in upper right hand corner.
  3. Vegetarian – Because I’m a vegetarian, I always try out a vegetarian restaurant while I’m on vacation.  There isn’t much vegetarian selection where I’m from so trying out tasty vegetarian dishes is always a treat for me.  We went to the Peacefood Cafe and if you go there I would try one of their raw desserts.  The raw cheesecake was so good I had to try to replicate it when I got home.  Even meat eaters can enjoy vegetarian, my family did.
  4. Shake Shack – I know, I know I’m recommending “fast food”, but this is the mother-load of fast foods.  This is a gourmet burger chain with clout and long lines to back it up.  Not a meat eater?  Try the amazing Portobello burger and wash it down with a custard shake.
  5. Egg cream – A beverage consisting of milk, soda water, and vanilla or chocolate syrup.  I promise it’s not as gross as it sounds and I actually quite enjoyed the chocolate egg cream I split with my sister.  (See picture above)  Note that you will not be able to find egg cream in a bottle when you get home because egg cream is almost exclusively a fountain drink because it’s chemistry does not allow it to taste fresh from a bottle.
  6. Travel the foodie world – New York is a mixing pot of different cultures.  When you’re here you should try as many different varieties of foods as you can.  Some of my recommendations include Sripraphai (Thai), Bhatti (Indian), Peacefood Cafe (Vegan), or splurge at Crescent Grill (New American).IMG_0600
  7. Food carts – Do NOT try one of the average carts you see on the side of the road their food tastes like it was made last week.  Scope out the food cart you want to try before your visit and plan accordingly.  Most food carts have specific routes and list them throughout the week.

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