Emily’s Recommended Must Sees in New York

  1. Federal Hall – This a museum dedicated to postcolonial New York.  Some of the exhibits include George Washington’s inauguration, Alexander Hamilton’s relationship with the city, and of course the museum itself which stands on the site of New York’s original City Hall, where the first US Congress convened and Washington took the oath of office as the first US president.  Just realizing the history that was convened here may put you in awe.
  2. 911 Museum – As you enter the world trade center site you should observe two waterfalls that pay tribute to all the fallen victims of 911.  The museum displays a variety of artifacts from 911 like victims things that were found in the ruble, parts of the original towers, videos captivated on the destruction, and artwork made in commemoration of the victims, firefighters and police heros of 911.
  3. Trinity Church – Trinity churches best features include a 280 foot high bell tower, a beautiful stained glass window over the alter, and a small museum of historical church artifacts.  Trinity church also houses the bronze sculpture of a giant sycamore tree.  This sycamore was special because it had stood for nearly a century in the churchyard of St. Paul’s Chapel, which is part of Trinity Church, until falling wreckage from the twin towers on 911 knocked it over.
  4. Ellis Island – Even if you don’t feel like taking the ferry over to Ellis Island to see the Statue of Liberty you should at least take the time to see the big apples most prized possession from a far.
  5. Arthur Ashe Stadium (or other sports complex your personally interested in) – My favorite stop on our New York trip was going to a night session for the US Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium.  Tennis is one of my favorite things to do and watch, as far as sports go.  To see something I always watch on TV was crazy to me.  I was starstruck not only by the players that are world renown, but by the starts that show up at the night matches.  My family got to see Heidi Klum, Tay Diggs, Jay Pharoah (SNL), Josh Groban, and Luke Bryan watching the matches right along with us.
  6. Metropolitan Museum of art also known as the MET – The MET houses one of the biggest art collections in the world with its permanent collection having more than two million individual objects.  If you pick just one museum in New York City to go to this is the one I recommend.  Some of the permanent collections include Egyptian art, European paintings, art of the Arab lands, American wing, and Greek and Roman art.  My personal favorite was the medieval section that housed all the armor and shields that were used in medieval times.  I enjoyed it because it was something I’ve never seen in a museum.
  7. Museum of Modern Art or MoMA – This is the type of art museum I feel at home with.  Artwork from my favorite artists, like Van Gogh, Picasso, Warhol, and Matisse is here.  Note that if you want a bargain, every Friday from 4-8PM the museum entrance fee is FREE.
  8. Grand Central Terminal – Just like it’s name this train station is pretty grand with its enchanting chandeliers and marble layout.  This is a major subway route so theres no excuse to not see this spectacular building and it has a food court where you can have your choice of almost any type of cuisine.IMG_0555
  9. New York Public Library – Go see the famous marble lions, ‘Patience’ and ‘Fortitude’, overlooking fifth avenue.  This library contains an original copy of the Declaration of Independence and a Gutenberg Bible.NY Library
  10. Broadway – Top to do in New York.  Even if you’re only in town for one night you should always make time to see a Broadway production.  They’re pricey, but it’s some of the best theatre you can buy with elaborate sets and great acting.  You may even get to watch a celebrity in the lead role.IMG_0564
  11. Guggenheim – The museum itself is a work of art.  Instead of separate floors and rooms, you walk up the museum to see all of it’s artwork.  Want to impress your friends?  Tell them that the original building was suppose to be pink marble, but the pink color scheme was rejected for a more favorable white color scheme.
  12. Central Park – Don’t forget to stop by the iconic central park on your visit to New York City.  Some the things to see in its 800 acres are the John Lennon memorial “Strawberry Fields”, Bethesda Fountain, Alice in Wonderland Statue, Central Park Zoo, and Belvedere Castle.  Consider saving a half day for this as it is a lot of walking.  If you want you could also do the American Museum of Natural History first thing in the day then walk through Central Park and then go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or vise versa.  That’s what we did and it worked out well.
  13. American Museum of Natural History – This is a children’s dream museum…or an adult’s dream museum if they want to revisit their inner child.  Over 30 million artifacts are in the museum, including lots of menacing dinosaur skeletons, the planetarium, and Rose Center for Earth and Space.  My top recommendations for this museum are to do the planetarium and see the Show Journey to the Stars, which charts the life and death of astral bodies using telescopic images and special effects that will leave you dizzy with desire to go to space and of course to see the dinosaur bones.
  14. Mood – Fashionistas unite!  This is the legendary textile store that is featured on Lifetimes “Project Runway”.  If you have a hankering for fashion this is a fun place to explore unique fabrics and take lots of pictures to show to your friends and say you have been there and done that.  Don’t forget to pet Swatch the store’s pet boston terrier and say “Thank you, Mood!”

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