Staying Healthy on a Plane

My flight to Taipei, Taiwan from Lincoln, Nebraska was grueling.  Having a 24 hour flight shows you how tired one person can truly get.  Luckily, my flight back was a few hours shorter.  My one LARGE positive from this is that my parents and sister were able to drop me off at the airport and give me oodles of hugs before I left.   Talking about long flights brings me to one of my biggest fears and that is getting sick on vacation.  No one wants to be bogged down with the stomach flu or the common cold while they’re trying to explore the National Palace Museum or the Louvre.  So these are my personal tips for avoiding sickness during a flight.

During a Flight:

  1. Bring Emergen-C and non-caffeinated tea bags and drink throughout the flight.  Hot water is always available upon request.  Stay hydrated, but not to the point you have to use the restroom every hour.  You don’t want to make enemies with the person sitting next to you on a long flight.  If you have to wake them up from a slumber to use the restroom, they may not like you very much.
  2. Use germ-x or disinfectant wipes.  I don’t recommend using germ-x all of the time, but if you use it sparingly for trips and such there should be no problem with its effectiveness.
  3. Get some sleep or stay awake depending on when your flight is.  Take 2 mg. of melatonin to help you sleep and train your body to think like it’s in the new time zone.  Make sure to take the melatonin at the same time you would be starting to sleep in the new time zone.  It’s not a sleeping pill, so don’t expect it to work as such, but it should make the adaption easier once you reach your destination.  Also, it’s not necessary to take melatonin if the time change is less than 5 hours difference.  Use light therapy to keep you awake or make you sleep.  That means lights off when you are suppose to be sleeping and turn the lights on when it’s daylight in the new time zone you’re traveling to.IMG_1753
  4. Bring healthy snacks like nuts, granola, and fresh fruit.  When I’m flying I never seem to get food when I’m actually hungry.  They either give me food when I’m stuffed to the point of being uncomfortable or don’t bring me food when it has been hours on the flight and I’m starving.  It’s never a bad idea to stash some food on your second carry-on just in case you get the munchies on your flight.  You can bring fresh fruit and produce as long as it’s prepared, even when fruit is otherwise banned from flights.  For example, you can’t leave Taiwan with a fresh dragon fruit, but you can cut it up and bring that in a container.  Fresh vegetables are also good.Dragon Fruit - Taiwan Eats

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