Christmas Style 101

Boots – The fashion accessory for any Christmas style statement.

Christmas workout outfit – You can dress up for Christmas at anytime and for any event…even when you take your dog for a run.

Red sweater. – The classic way to start off the Christmas season.

Christmas program outfit – Super classy with just a touch of sparkle.  See the closer up skirt picture to see what I mean.

Red and Green – Another way to be Christmasy while still looking professional enough for work.

Christmas mug. – When you’re out of official Christmas garb, you can turn to the Christmas mug.  You know…the one you’re only allowed to use a few months out of the year.
Christmas socks – Because why wouldn’t you? Super easy without putting much effort into it.

Yeti Socks – Because who doesn’t love abominable snow men.

Christmas color nail polish – So you can enjoy the twinkle of the season as well as the twinkle of your sparkly nails.

Muted green pants with a blazer – To give a nod that you’re in the Christmas spirit while still being work appropriate.

Christmas Sweaters with red pants. The perfect statement piece saying “I love Christmas!”
Christmas Eve Pajamas – You know you have to look nice while you open all those presents in the morning…duh.

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