Top 10 Christmas Movies

Here are my top 10 Christmas movies.  If you haven’t gotten around to seeing them, you should.20151213_171148

  1. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – Does this movie bring back childhood memories for you?  It does for me.  This use to be my favorite Christmas movie growing up and still is today.  I love this movie so much that I still have a VCR tape version recorded at my parents house that has some of the best Christmas commercials I’ve ever seen.  There was the jello jiggler commercials with Bill Cosby and my favorite with the little 7-Up guys shaving Santa an ice glass and filling it with 7-Up.  They just don’t make commercials like that anymore.  Sorry, I went off on a tangent.  The story of Rudolph is a lot like the song goes.  Rudolph gets made fun of because of his glowing red nose so he runs away from home and looks for a place that will accept him.  He runs into Hermey the Elf, who wants to be a dentist and Cornelius, a prospector looking for gold.  Then they all get chased by the adorable, but terrifying, Abominable Snowman that chases them to the island of misfit toys.  Rudolph promises the toys that he will tell Santa about them in hopes of Santa being able to give them a home.  When Rudolph gets back there’s a blizzard and it’s impossible to see.  So of course, Rudolph with his shiny nose saves the day and saves the misfit toys.20151213_17163820151213_171241
  2. Muppets Christmas Carol – Most people probably think that Elf has some of the best Christmas music, but I actually think the Muppets Christmas Carol is better.  With songs like “Room in your Heart”, that catchy “One More Sleep Till Christmas”,  “When Love is Gone”, and “It Feels Like Christmas” you can’t go wrong watching this movie.  Plus, this version of A Christmas Carol is much less scary than the adult versions, which is another reason why I grew up with this one as a kid and continue to love it.  So if you have kids this is a good one for them.  The Muppets tell there version of the classic tale of the old and bitter Scrooge’s redemption on Christmas Eve.20151213_171215
  3. Elf – Even as I type Elf down I can here Zooey Deschanel’s version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” playing on repeat in my head.  It starts out with the audience finding out that Buddy was a baby orphan that decided to stow away in Santa’s sack and got taken to the North Pole.  The Elves raised him until Santa and Papa Elf tell him of his true heritage.  His father is Walter Hobbs of New York, who is on Santa’s naughty list.  When Buddy discovers this he travels half way around the world to find him.  Although Buddy’s father does not seam interested, Buddy experiences the delights of New York City and human culture as only an elf can.  Like any good Christmas movie goes the protagonist, Buddy, saves Christmas with some help from his friends and family.
  4. Miracle on 34th Street (1994 version) -This year I was able to Co-Direct the play version of this movie at the Yorkshire Playhouse with my friend since 5th grade, Courtney Kinnison, and it was loads of fun.  Also, my Uncle Leonard, played Santa/Kris Kringle.  He was a hoot and definitely brought some unexpected extra life into the play.  With everyone’s help we were able to sell out all four shows.  The play was based more around the original movie, but the newer version with Mara Wilson is actually my favorite.  Macy’s department store Santa claims his name is Kris Kringle and he soon fills every one with Christmas spirit – excpet for his boss, Doris Walker.  Doris is teaching her daughter, Susan, to not believe in mythical beings.  Then Kris is declared insane and put on trial.  You’ll just have to watch the movie to find out what the verdict is.20151213_172938
  5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas – This movie mostly follows the original story written by Dr. Seuss, however, there are some minor plot enhancements that help make the story fresh.  The magical land of Whoville, exists inside a snowflake.  Whos live in Whoville and they are a cross between the people living at the capital in The Hunger Games and the munchkins in Willy Wonka.  Every single Who loves Christmas, except for the grinch who is a nasty creature that lives just outside their village.  The Grinch is plotting to seal Christmas away from the Whos by taking all of their presents, decorations, and food, but Cindy Lou Who thinks all the Grinch needs is a friend and interferes with all of his plans.  Along with the new plot-twist of Cindy Lou Who there is also a love interest for the Grinch.  😉 ;)20151213_172928
  6. The Santa Clause – It never fails to put a smile on my face.  Scott Calvin learns that is ex-wife and her husband have tried to tell their 6-year-old son Charlie that santa isn’t real.  On Christmas Eve Scott hears something on his roof, so he checks it out and sees an unexpected visitor, Santa Claus.  Scott shouts to Santa from the ground causing Santa Claus to fall off the roof.  The Santa impersonator disappears, leaving only his suit, an 8-reindeer slay, and a card with instructions telling him to put on the suit if the other Santa has been in an accident.  Scott does, and drops off gifts through the chimney’s until he’s taken to the North Pole and is informed by elves that he is the new Santa Claus.  One of the elves, Bernard, is like a personal assistant Santa and helps Scott out with his new found job.  Charlie loves his dads new job, but Scott thinks that it’s either a dream or he’s going crazy until his hair turns white, he gains a large amount of weigh inexplicably, and his bear grows back within seconds of cutting it off.  Once he believes, he only has one problem…how to keep this secret from his disbelieving family and the rest of the world.20151213_171851
  7. The Holiday – Two troubled women swap their houses in different countries for the holidays.  Amanda is a movie trailer editor from Los Angeles that just got out of a bad relationship and Iris is a writer from England that’s been pining over a guy whose been leading her on and had an affair with another woman.  When they change places they both meet a local guy and fall in love, all the while learning more about themselves.  If you love romantic comedies as much as I do you should see this movie.  If you don’t like romantic comedies, this is not the movie for you.  Cameron Diaz (Amanda) and Kate Winslet (Iris) really make this movie special with their comedic outbursts keeping the movie light and entertaining throughout.20151213_172920
  8. The Polar Express – A young boy, the protagonist of the story, boards a magical train that is headed to the North Pole on Christmas Eve.  On that train an adventure unfolds for the young boy and all of the other young children that have boarded the train to Santa Claus’s home.  During this train ride, all of its passengers are embarking on their own journey of self-discovery.  The young boy finds out that the wonder of life never fades for those who believe and a true believer is almost impossible to find.20151213_172913
  9. The Year Without a Santa Claus – This is one of those movies that I’ll look on ABC family’s Christmas movie schedule and see when it’s airing so I can watch it.  If I don’t catch it at the right time of the day or right day I won’t be able to see it, so I make it a point to check the schedule.  The narrator of the story is Mrs. Claus and she tells the tale about the time Santa had a bad cold and decided to take a vacation from Christmas.  Jingle Bells and Jangle Bells, two of his helper elves, go out with Vixen,one of Santa’s reindeer, to find children to convince Santa that Christmas is important to everyone.  On their journey to finding children Heat Miser and Snow Miser, the weather controlling brothers, try to stop the elves from attaining their goal.  Snow Miser want it to snow in Southtown, USA this winter where it never snows for Christmas, but Heat Miser has other ideas.  Luckily, Mrs. Claus knows how to settle this argument by talking to Mother Nature, their mother.20151213_171724
  10. The Christmas List – You won’t find this movie on many top Christmas movies lists and for good reason too.  It was one of the very first ABC family original movies and also is one of the best they’ve ever made.  The protagonist and talented perfume saleslady, Melody Parris,  feels like her life is in neutral.  She gets passed over for a promotion at the store where she works unrightfully so and her long time boyfriend won’t commit.  Because she feels her life isn’t going the way it should, she decides to make a Christmas list and drops it into Santa’s mailbox at the store where she works.  Crazily enough she starts to get everything that was on the list, but she doesn’t always get the things on her Christmas list the way she expects to.  Make sure to watch this charming movie if you’re able to find it.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Christmas Movies

  1. Great List! Glad there’s some different ones. I know it’s a bit late as it’s January 7th. Surprised I didn’t see Christmas Vacation or Home Alone on there! But that’s just part of my list. Rudolph is a heartbreaking story that ends happily. So relatable. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I don’t think I’ve seen Christmas Vacation, but I’ve heard lots of good things about it. It will have to be included on my must watch list next Christmas. Happy Holidays to you as well!


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