Puggle Sleepover

First of all, I would like to make it clear that I am not a poet.  In fact, you’ll notice that I didn’t follow any poety laws or any particular form.  This is meant to be funny and hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

My parents let me borrow Addie, to have a puggle sleepover one night and they said we could have another sleepover if I wrote a blog about it.  So here it is.


There’s nothing like a puggle sleepover.

It starts out with spastic running around the apartment,

then it turns to snuggling under a cover.

Puggle sleepover

You’d never know

just seconds ago

she was chasing her tail like a merri-go

Puggle sleepover

Then it’s off to bed we go

and it’s time to snuggle

with my cute little puggle.


Sleeping, snoozing, snoring

that continues until it’s morning

and we wake up from dreams that were probably boring.

Puggle sleepover

The next day is here.

It’s crystal clear,

when I feel a tear

I know the sleepover is over.

Puggle sleepover

Back home I take her

as I am her personal chauffer

and I know I can’t wait for my next puggle sleepover.


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