October Gardening

GardenAt the beginning of October make sure everything you didn’t take out of the garden last month is out of the garden this month before it gets too cold and you no longer want to go outside.  This is also when you’ll want to start composting to make sure your soil is rich and ready for next year.  Some things that can be composted are rinsed out egg shells, lettuce, kale, spinach, grass clippings, mowed up leaves, sawdust from non-treated wood, newspapers (only with black ink in them, no color), used coffee grounds, and more.  Just a note: I wouldn’t recommend putting a lot of store bought skins in your garden because stores always put wax on the peel to make the produce last longer and it’s not good for the garden.  Once all of the plants have been taken down, apply the lasagna method to the garden in preparation for next year.Used Coffee Grounds


3 thoughts on “October Gardening

    1. Yeah, we wanted to try planting a few more things this year. I’m sure your garden will look better, because you guys have much more yard space. 🙂 My Mom is happy that I won’t be using the whole back yard again next year…and I think Addie will be happy to run around again.

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