Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha, NE

Over Labor Day weekend my family went to the Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha, Nebraska.  Even though we only live two hours away from Omaha, my family has never made it to the botanical gardens in Omaha before.  We won’t be making that mistake again.  It was beautiful!

My recommendation when visiting the gardens for your first time is to get a tram tour.  It’s only an additional $3 (current admission rate is $10) and it gives your feet a chance to rest, plus you get to hear narration about all sections of the gardens.  The grounds cover a lot of area and even though I’m in pretty good shape, I’m not sure how I would have felt walking through everything, especially since it was in the mid 90’s that day.

They are constantly changing their displays so you can aways come back another season and see completely different flowers.  I hope to come back during the fall and spring season sometime.  And don’t forget to look for all of the animal sculptures when you go!

I want these flowers!

20150906_120058 20150906_114527 20150906_114345 20150906_113346 20150906_113339 20150906_113251 20150906_11320820150906_112442 20150906_112345 20150906_112340 20150906_111528 20150906_111521 20150906_105628 20150906_105347Train tracks 20150906_105124 20150906_104949 20150906_104740 20150906_104412 20150906_104111 20150906_104041 20150906_103955 20150906_103944 20150906_103857 20150906_102249 20150906_102237 20150906_101111


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