September Gardening

ProduceIn Nebraska, September can be an iffy month.  Normally, you would start taking out produce that is no longer good out of the garden, but sometimes leftover produce can stick around till October.  September is when you can start to compost some of the leftovers that are in your garden to give your produce nutrients next year.  Keep in mind that you do not want to use all of the old plants as compost because some of them can hinder the growth of others.  Make sure to do your research before you start chopping up dying plants and putting them back into the ground.  I said September was iffy because this year in Nebraska September still had optimal growing weather, minus the hail.  We could have kept our garden up this whole month.  Keep your eye on the weather to see when you should start taking down.  Unless of course, you don’t want any more produce or to do anymore hard work.  In that case, start taking plants down whenever.  Start saving rinsed out egg shells, used coffee grounds, lettuce, kale, spinach, grass clippings, mowed up leaves, sawdust from non-treated wood, and newspapers (black ink only) to fertilize your garden for next year.

So many peppers and butternut squash.
So many peppers and butternut squash.

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