May Gardening

MintFlower bed - May Gardening

Towards the beginning to middle (depending on the weather) of May you will want to start acclimating some of the plants you’ve been growing indoors to the outdoors like you might have done last month.  Start putting tomatoes, peppers, onions, flowers, and watermelon outside during the day everyday for five to seven days and back inside at night to toughen up the plant before being transplanted outside.  After five to seven days have passed you will want to plant those plants outside, permitting the weather has not been below freezing for at least a couple of weeks.  These are the fruits, vegetables and flowers you will want to plant outside at the end of May: Celery, corn, flowers, onions, peppers, pumpkin and/or winter squash, tomatoes, and watermelon.  When planting you should already know where you’re planting things, how much space in between plants and rows, and the depth the seed or cell should be planted in the ground.  Make sure to reference the gardening charts to remember where to plant specific varieties of fruits and vegetables.  All of the plants should be getting watered at least twice a week so if you’re not getting rain, plan accordingly.

May Gardening

And on an exciting note, you may even get to start enjoying your fresh produce like I have!

Radishes - May Gardening


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