I’ve Got the Giggles

I will be compiling a list of funny stories as they come up in my life.  Hopefully you find them just as funny as my family and friends have.

To Make you Laugh – True story…

When my Dad talks to himself he does impromptu dance moves.

My Mom for the longest time use to tell people I had a foot fetish as opposed to a foot phobia.  I hate feet.

I use to call yogurt yourgut and hot dogs hock-hogs when I was young.

I also use to say (and still do say) “bless you me” after a sneeze because I use to think “bless you” was one word made up specifically for sneezing.

Quote from my sister “Dairy is my favorite milk product”.

My Mom, Lois, asked me if I wanted the half loaf of bread they couldn’t seem to finish. Of course I said “sure, who doesn’t like free food?” Come to find out it was 90% heals. No wonder it wasn’t getting eaten. ‪#‎ThanksMom

Puggle Sleepover – Click the link to see the post.

My sister made a special twitter account for the ridiculous texts our Dad sends. @textsfrom_dad


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